Dominance Alpha #2

2012-02-15 19:14:58 by dingdong4

I missed the first alpha release for here, and barely remembered the second. It's available here:

w00t Lazy

2012-01-25 01:40:26 by dingdong4

I'm still really lazy about getting on here!
I've got a web blog put up for my games: WingedPuma Games
I house Dominance on there and its most recent alpha release as well as a concept art gallery, currently one piece of art :D
You can also check out my deviantArt, Twitter, FurAffinity pages for more art, music and news!

Once again, long time.

2011-11-26 04:35:42 by dingdong4

Haha, still have to get on here more often. I had decided, a few months ago, to learn C++ and start building games from scratch rather than using Game Maker and such. So here I am, doing that, losing my mind. It's been going pretty good. All the snags I've hit, I could hurdle. While I've been developing this little game, I haven't been able to come up with a solid art direction yet. I'm no great pixel artist, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.
Now, I may have that. I've had a story/setting idea put together for a bit and now have an art direction in mind. But I also noticed a serious lacking of bad ass games in mah furry community. So It's going to be bad ass, and have anthros. So all you other furries out there that been cravin' some mindless violence in an (possibly) RPG-esque setting will someday have something to satiate your blood lust. Until then, you can follow my (new) Twitter profile for occasional development news! @Buttsgames
I've got a new sprite sheet in the works and there is currently no online media to show my progress, but believe me: I do get work done on it.

So, uhh...... Not much to say. Doing more programming, even if its only to keep from forgetting stuff. Hopefully get a complete game together sometime. Finished a drawing I've had laying around, unfinished, for months. Now all I need is a scanner so I can put it on my computers and get it inked and painted on my computer.


2010-08-17 18:47:48 by dingdong4

Need to get on here more. Leave a comment if you come here and read this. Feels like I'm being secretly spied but am not sure. Working on a game, had to give up the one I was working on due to inexperience at the time. Working on a new one. Link will be here when posted to, since it isn't flash.


2010-05-12 00:04:12 by dingdong4

Build cool stuff at roblox

Got a new thing

2009-08-09 16:49:31 by dingdong4

Free Games. Check out what I have been building lately!

This is for Roblox. It's fun I'm Korban there. Make, Play, Easy-to-Use Scripting language called Lua, pretty popular language it was used in World of Warcraft and some other stuff. Maybe check this out. ;)

new material

2009-07-21 16:49:14 by dingdong4

1 New art submission, 1 new music, and new header. Check 'em out if you have time and wanna.
ART: gdong4/newgrounds-is-the-bomb




2009-07-14 22:22:58 by dingdong4

I just got back on the gravy train to... well I'm making music again and will be submitting new stuff. So come all ye loyal ... whatever-the-heck-you-ares, and rejoice for more music is to come!!!

Oh, and I fixed my Lost Painting song(title is now correct).